Maslany has to shoot some of her most challenging scenes opposite a tennis ball or a mark on a wall. “I can’t look down by an inch or else the eyeline’s off, and I’m looking at my nose, or I’ve put a glass of water through my face. It’s specific, technical things that I’m keeping track of. And that I have to be present the same way that I would be if there was an actor next to me. Except now I have to imagine the actor next to me.”


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So, the story behind this: BASICALLY, I JUST LOVE THESE BOOKS A LOT. For long-term followers, you will know that I’m always recommending them to people, so I figured, why not have a giveaway and put my money where my mouth (fingers?) are. These are three authors that I absolutely adore. Not only are their books extremely well-written, engaging, moving and thoughtful, but the authors themselves are also SUPER RAD.

1. This IS a follower giveaway, so you need to be following this blog. I was hoping it’d be a more people-already-around kind of thing, but new romance followers are always welcome!
2. Reblog/like this post on your primary blog to count. Each person gets 1 vote, with the final draw to be completely random and the winner getting to choose one of the above ebooks.
3. Make sure your askbox is open.
4. GIVEAWAY ENDS 5/9/14 (the 5th of September) 12:00PM AWST and the winner drawn on the same day.The winner’s URL will be posted on this blog and I’ll message you as well. If you don’t respond within 72 hours, there’ll be a re-draw unfortunately.
5. Since these are e-books, this is open internationally. I’m a long-term user of Kobo/All Romance Ebooks, but I’m fairly certain any ol’ vendor will be fine.

Good luck to everyone with the draw, and I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to check out these authors because they make my romance reading heart beat deliciously fast on a regular basis.


“Do you pay any attention to me at all?”

“Well, I’d like to,” Davy said. “But you have a headache.”

“Not that kind of attention,” Tilda said, warming to her subject, “although I could point out that you don’t pay a lot of attention there, either.”

Hey,” Davy said. “I paid attention.”

“Yes, to what you were doing,” Tilda said. “Not to me.”

“You were what I was doing.”

“It’s not like you talked to me. It’s not like you made eye contact.”

“My mouth was full,” Davy said, sounding annoyed. “And my head was between your thighs. You want eye contact, you’re gonna have to lean down.”

 —Jennifer Crusie, Faking It 


Hello! Welcome to Melina Marchetta week. From the 1st of September to the 7th I will post prompts, and you can respond with a quote from one of the novels, a photo, a drawing, a picture of a tear soaked page etc. etc. Just make sure to tag me (finchmackee) and #MMweek. Doesn’t matter if you’ve read every MM or just one, anyone can participate. On with it:

September 1st - Favourite Novel

September 2nd - Most soul crushing scene

September 3rd - Favourite Character

September 4th - Best of your favourite character

September 5th - Best ship

September 6th - Character you identify with the most

September 7th - Favourite minor character

Bonus question: Where the hell is Jimmy Hailler!?

Bonus Question 2: What type of dog is Pinocchio? 

My ask is always open to questions and suggestions. Hope you decide to join in. :)

Image credit to: @MMarchettaFANS on twitter

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:Just so you know:

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta is $1.99 in the kindle store today.

It’s one of my all-time favorite novels and if you haven’t read it then you really, really need to.

"This guy, whoever he is, is a practice swing. So he’s temporary. But softball is permanent. You can play softball forever if you want to. Softball is not a practice swing. The things you love are never practice swings.”

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felicitydiggles replied to your post “felicitydiggles​ replied to your post “felicitydiggles​ replied to…”

I am like mad on your behalf, getting the cover I want is basically as important as actually getting the right book

EXACTLY. Also, that book I got from Booktopia? I only bought it because I wasn’t sure how the whole “books by the greats, covers by you” thing worked. Do you submit your own cover? Do you choose from covers designed by readers? Nope, it turns out that you basically just get a book with a blank white cover hahaha I SHOULD HAVE GUESSED REALLY.

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felicitydiggles replied to your post “felicitydiggles​ replied to your photo:I think the site glitched and…”

thanks darl, I’ve had an order in my basket for ages, booktopia is always my go to for big orders because of the shipping. I have tended to stick for A&G in the past even though they are hella expensive. but yeah I’ve just heard like when there are problems they aren’t very helpful and people have had their orders take forever but I don’t really care about that most of the time so I’ll give it a crack. thanks again darl

I can’t say anything about their customer service because I’ve ordered on 5 separate occasions and they’ve all been delivered on time and in perfect condition, but yeah that’s no problem!

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is this from bookworld ? have you ordered from them before ? I’m been wanting to use them for a while but I hear really mixed reviews

YES INDEED IT IS! I LOVE Bookworld, it’s my go-to site along with Book Depository (which I’ve gone off a little bit lately). I’ve ordered from BD, BW, Booktopia and Fishpond before and I would rate Fishpond a “never again” experience, Booktopia was nice but the shipping charge is annoying.

Bookworld has free shipping to Australian addresses, is usually fairly speedy, and when you get discounts it’s always worth it! Plus it has the NICE MELINA MARCHETTA COVERS that I am all about.

What negative stuff have you heard about them?!

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I think the site glitched and gave me an extra discount by mistake but instead of questioning it I just hurriedly checked out and bought the Pete Murray cover version of TPS I’ve been YEARNING FOR before it could correct itself HAHAHA

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"In a sudden, blinding flash everything was clear. It was as she said: Elijah and Serena weren’t angry with him. They were just sick of being afraid. But they couldn’t stop, because it was dangerous simply to be themselves, simply for them to live honest lives. And what he had said to Elijah was, If you stopped being yourself, you would be safe. No one had ever said that to Solomon, because it was already safe to be him. No wonder Elijah was angry.”

- A Lily Among Thorns by Rose Lerner


ZIAD NAKAD The White Realm bridal collection 2014-2015


Doodling a alternative book cover for On The Jellicoe Road because it has been almost a month since a finished reading this I still can’t the story out of my system.

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One of my friends sent me a message saying, “are you there?” and I just answered “where?”

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