Anonymous: Wait why were you and your dustier talking abojt my makeup and how does she know what I look ljke

Madi I just had to publish this because “dustier”

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Mary Stuart had her Skye terrier––what comfort will I take with me to my execution?

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A request to draw Sean and Corr from Scorpio Races by @mstiefvater

That scene made me cry too… and roll around gushing girl feelings about ponies.

Ohhh gosh. I saw you are accepting requests and that the Scorpio Races is on that list. Nobody EVER seems to illustrate scenes from that book! I saw your Clockwork Princess illustration - you drew a great horse. Any chance you could illustrate the ending scene with Corr coming back to Sean? That scene made me cry. That book is just incredible….

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AAA quark is a fundamental constituent of matter. Discovered in 1968 through deep elastic scatter. :D Is that bad from memory?


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Jeliicoe Road: NOOK Daily Find - Barnes & Noble


Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta is today’s Nook Daily Find, so go pick it up for only $1.99!

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Listen, I adore Oliver Queen to an unhealthy level - him and his coat of many guilts. But THIS, the above, is SO important. It’s not only important for female friendships on Arrow (are there any?), but also it’s SO important for Felicity. 

I mean, who does Felicity have besides Diggle and Oliver? 

No one. No one we’ve seen. 

Diggle is her friend and Oliver…well Oliver is complicated. 

Sara has the potential to be Felicity’s friend. She knows what it’s like to be judged and alone. She’s already shown herself to be loyal and steadfast in the way she’s cared for Sin. 

So, let’s talk a little less about Oliver Queen and a little more about these awesome ladies. 

I think he’d approve. 


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TELL ME. I would love to know about a dirty mnemonic with hockey players!


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is there an amino acid song? i feel like this is one of those things that would be very easy to memorize with a song

I THINK THERE IS! But I just use very embarrassing and dirty order mnemonics instead

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"Hey do you wanna know the names of all the essential amino acids?! (!!!)"
"No, not rea-"
"Please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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I needed something nice, so there is, Noah and a snow globe.

awkward pose is awkward, but I’m master of faily poses, so that’s okay.

I am not interested in Minerva Dobbs, he told himself. She’s too high maintenance. She’s never peaceful. And, oh yeah, she hates me. Then Min smiled at Harry, and Cal thought, Damn, shes pretty, and kept staring. —Jennifer Crusie, Bet Me (via romancenovelquotes)
Sarah Manning’s ultimately special because she dares to go off-script. If she runs into trouble, she’ll chug a bottle of hand soap to buy some time. If she runs up against a wall, she’ll grab a fire extinguisher and bash her way the hell right out. In an instant of inspired thinking, Sarah constantly rejects what should be desperate, cornered moments with her sheer determination to survive. —(my review of Orphan Black's return is now up at The A.V. Club)


"Santangelo knows nothing," she says, and she’s crying. "He thinks he’s going to be a big-shot Fed and he thinks he’s too good-looking and he feels too much and never forgives anything and I hate him because he’s going to make you go crazy."

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Man I am sorry. Remember I could come to curtin for you to rant/destress at? After study week?

ISOBELLE YOU ABSOLUTE PRECIOUS SWEETHEART OF A HUMAN BEING I am thinking we should have a meetup just for FUN also rants but also FUN josephinesbakers is also at Curtin

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